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Peacefully Resisting Occupation: Teen Journalist Arafat Kanaan

Palestine Monitor

21 October 2009

In this short video, produced with the support of the NoVA Center For Social Innovation, Palestine Monitor would like to introduce you to Arafat Kanaan: an inspirational 16-year-old non-violent activist and filmmaker from the West Bank village of Ni’lin.

Every week, Arafat films as his village non-violently demonstrates against the apartheid wall that Israel is building, a wall which has cut off the village from thousands of dunams of its lands, and which has turned Ni’lin into a ghetto. Arafat has filmed as Israel imposed curfews on the village, staged military incursions, humiliated, beaten and assassinated villagers. During the protests, Arafat films as Israeli soldiers respond to non-violent resistance with teargas cannons, rubber bullets, live ammunition, sound bombs and sewage water. Despite harassment from Israeli soldiers, who broke his camera while he was filming an assassination, Arafat continues to peacefully resist – and expose – life in his village under occupation.