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Two injured and dozens suffered teargas inhalation during the Bil’in weekly protest

Bil’in Popular Committee

4 September 2009

Despite the hot summer and the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, a protest joined by internationals and Israeli peace activists marched from Bili’n after the Friday prayer. The protesters chanted and called for the end of the occupation, settlement building and the release of Palestinian detainees.

Today is the second anniversary of the decision from the so-called “Israeli Supreme Court of Justice” to move the path of the wall in Bili’n. On the 4th of Sept 2007, the Israeli court ruled that the wall in Bilin should be moved back to a distance of 500 meters from the Israeli settlement, which is built on Bili’n’s land. This decision returns about 1000 dunums of land to the farmers and stops future settlement building. The Bili’n Committee Against the Wall announced that the village will continue their non-violent resistance until the wall is removed and the court decision is implemented.

The protesters chanted slogans and called for national unity among the Palestinians until they reached the wall where they army had set up a razor wire to block the protest. When the protesters tried to go behind it, the army fired tear gas and sound grenades. Two injured: Ahmad Abu Rahmah (16), and Rani Burnat (29), and dozens suffered from inhalation of tear gas.

The Popular Committee against the wall in Bil’in wants to thank the Norwegian Govt., in their decision to refuse further investments in Israeli companies that support illegal settlements and the wall in the Palestinian territories, included the village of Bil’in.