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Israeli forces deliver demolition orders to Nablus-area homes

11 August 2009

In the West Bank village of Yetma, south of Nablus, around 17 houses were given demolition orders from the Israeli government, issued the 27th of July 2009. All houses were built after the Oslo process, and are located in the only part of the village that is considered to be area C according to the Accords. Therefor the Israeli government is claiming that these houses are considered as having been built without a permit. This is the official reason for issuing the orders. However, the area is located no further than approximately 2 km from the border of the Israeli settlement Rahel. Neither the Palestinian Authority nor the Israeli Government will give the house owners licenses saying that they own the land on which the houses are built.

The 6th of August, however, after having issued an official complaint about the demolition orders, 3 of the houses had their court case. The decision became that the legal process would be postponed until the 13th of August when a new court case will be held.

According to the demolition orders issued to 9 of the other houses, the final date on which the Israeli Government can come to evict the houses is dated the 20th of August. The house owners of these houses too, made an official complaint about the decision, but their court case will be held as late 9 o’clock on the 20th of August, which makes it possible for Israel to fulfill the evictions before the legal procedure takes place.

The Red Creset will provide the families with food and tents after the demolitions.