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Bil’in demonstrates against Apartheid Wall and Israeli arrest campaign

Bil’in Popular Committee

7 August 2009

Tens were suffocated with tear gas, fired by Israeli soldiers at Bili’n’s weekly demonstration. Where Bil’in citizens, Israeli and International peace activists demonstrated after the Friday prayers, waving Palestinian flags and banners with slogans calling for the release of the popular leaders, Muhammad al-Khatib and Adib Abu Rahma, and the rest of the other detainees, and calling for ending raids and prosecution of activists and members of the People’s Committee against the wall. Demonstrators has walked in Bil’in streets chanting slogans calling for national unity, and continuation of the popular committee resistance, and events without the fear of the terrorist policy carried out by the Israeli army against Palestinians in general and the people of Bil’in in particular.

Once the demonstrators arrived at the wall gat, the Israeli soldiers has fired them strongly with different kinds of gases; some of them were invasive bomb fired by hand, other fired by gun and some of them were fired from the front of military vehicles, as this one has thrown fifty bombs at one time, which covered an area of more than ten donems with gas, causing tens of cases of suffocation.

The soldiers also began spraying the demonstrators with a green – colored water contaminated by waste animal manure and chemicals, resulting in the vomiting by many others. Some reports mentioned that the Israeli are using the skunk smell, which is very strong and can’t be removed from clothes. This colored water is one of the newly tested weapons that the Israelis are using against the demonstrators in Bil’in. The demonstrators dressed in plastic dresses, hats, gloves, and masks in order not to be affect by the chemical water and its noxious smell that the Israeli are using now against them.

On the other hand, the People’s Committee against the Wall in Bil’in called for immediate release of all detainees from the village of Bil’in, including the leaders Muhammad al-Khatib and Adib Abu Rahma. As the charges that they are facing are illegal, thus what the people of Bil’in are doing is legal and legitimate, since it guaranteed by all international conventions and even the Israeli courts themselves, as well as international and Israeli participation in the activities of Bil’in, the Committee considered that the threat against the committee members is unacceptable, and they will continue in their struggle and the threats will not stop them, as they are all being targeted, however everyone has involved in the events has become a target by the occupation. Therefore the Committee calls all the human rights organizations, friends and supporters of the village of Bil’in and the Palestinian issue to the immediate intervention for the release of prisoners and stop the terrorist against the village.

On the other hand, the People’s Committee condolences the death of the two leaders Samir Ghosheh the General Secretary of the Palestinian Struggle Front and and Shafiq Al Hout the member of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

At another level the People’s Committee called in its letter to the participants at “Fateh sixth conference” for having the popular resistance in their future programs and strategies in resisting the occupation.