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Jahalin residents and activists build a school

15 July 2009

An italian architect from the organisation Vento Di Terra is leading a project of building a bedouin school in the village of Jahalin, south of Jerusalem. Several solidarity activists from different organizations, such as Rabbis for Human Rights, Operation Groundswell and ISM participated to help the village reach its 15 July 2009 deadline for construction.

The architect designed the school to be built with readily available and recycled materials. Volunteers dug sand and mud, and utilized used tires and falafel oil to coat the school. Residents and volunteers spent around two weeks building the school.

Children from the village used to attend school in Jericho. As a result of the Occupation, children from Jahalin village were frequently harassed and stopped on their way to school. Additionally, one child was hit by a car when the kids were forced to get off the bus and walk to the school. Residents hope this school will help provide an education for the children free of harassment from soldiers and danger of travel.