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Israeli forces kidnap 2 Ni’lin residents

29 July 2009

In the early morning on Wednesday 29 the brothers Saeed Attallah Ameerah , 24, and Ahmed Attallah Ameerah, 22, were brutally kidnapped from their home. At 5 am, dozens of soldiers surrounded their house and pounded on their door. Ahmed opened and was immediately grabbed by the soldiers , beaten, handcuffed and blind folded. About 17 soldiers entered the home, found Saeed whom they forcefully handcuffed and blind folded. The terrified family, in total 11 persons, were placed in one room while their brothers were kept in another room. When their brother in law tried to interfere also he was beaten, handcuffed and blindfolded.

“I was so scared. Soldiers were everywhere and I saw how Ahmed’s wrists were bleeding cause they were so tight tied together. Soldiers have entered our house in night time many times, its horrible. This time my mum got so scared and upset that we had to take her to the doctor ”  –Ahlam, sister of Ahmed and Saeed

The soldiers also searched the house trying to find a third brother who wasn’t at home. After over one hour the soldiers left and brought Saeed and Ahmed with them. The brothers had to leave in only their pajamas and no explanations were given to the family about why the boys were taken or where they where taken to.

Israeli arrest and intimidation campaigns on the villages that demonstrate against the Wall, have led to the arrests of over 76 Palestinians in Ni’lin alone. (see Adameer and Stop the Wall report: http://www.stopthewall.org/downloads/pdf/repress.pdf)