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Israeli forces invade Nil’in and kidnap one resident

30 April 2009

In the early morning on Thursday, 30 April 2009, around 2.45 am, the Israeli army invaded Ni’lin. Soldiers entered the home of Hussein Mohammad al Khawadja, 21, blindfolded him and took him away. The soldiers tried to take another man as well, but he wasn’t at home. The army stayed in the center of Ni’lin throwing sound bombs and tear gas until 4.15 am.

The al Khawadja family were awoken by soldiers forcefully pounding at their door. About 10 soldiers entered their home, forcing them, including the small children to get up from their beds, and go into the living room. The soldiers pointed their weapons at them and Hussein was kicked and assaulted while still in bed.

“His studies are very important for him. I’m worried Hussein now will miss his final exams and therefore can´t continue next year.” – Hussein’s mother

After half an hour, Hussein was blindfolded and taken away from his home. An officer, who called himself Captain Foad, made cruel jokes to the terrify the family, insulting them by pretending Hussein would be taken on a joyful trip.

During the invasion, the army fired tear gas and sound bombs, keeping the residents of Ni’lin awake. Several young men decided to go out and protest against the presence of the army by shouting and throwing stones. One young man was hit in his leg with a tear gas canister and had to be taken to a doctor for medical treatment. The invasion lasted until 4.15 am, when the army left the village.

Hussein Mohammad al Khawadja , a university student in Abu Dis, is the 70th resident of Ni’lin to be arrested on allegations of participation in demonstrations against the Apartheid Wall.