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Two injured during Bil’in weekly demonstration

Bil’in Popular Committee Against the Apartheid Wall and Settlements

6th February 2009

The residents of Bil’in gathered again today after the Friday prayer in a protest joined by international and Israeli activists. The protesters carried Palestinian flags and banners calling for a stop to the crimes against civilians, to break the siege on Gaza and for the prevention of settlement building.

The protest left from the centre of the village, calling for national unity and resistance to the occupation, heading towards the apartheid wall which is built on Bil’in’s land. An Israeli army unit was situated behind the wall and prevented the crowd from going through the gate, the army fired tear gas canisters to disturb the crowd, causing dozens to suffer from gas inhalation andinjuring two people. The two injured were Adib Abu Rahma and Abdullah Abu Rahma.

The Israeli army has been raiding the village at night almost on a daily basis. There have been clashes between the army and residents of the village. Some residents have been kidnapped. These Israeli actions are collective punishment which aims to create fear among people in the hope that they will stop resisting the occupation. The Popular Committee against the wall is still encouraging people to continue resisting the wall and the occupation despite these threats.