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Israeli forces abduct youth in Nablus area

4th February 2009

A 17 year old youth, Noaf Yasir Issa, from Salim village near Nablus was arrested Wednesday (4th February) night by Israeli occupation forces and transported to Huwarra military base where he is currently being detained. To date, his family has not been told of any charges against him. Noaf has never been previously arrested.

A neighbor told the boy’s mother that Noaf had walking on the roadway behind the family’s house and had then been seen imprisoned within a military jeep. Shortly thereafter, the Israeli military approached Noaf’s family residence and demanded to know his whereabouts, despite already having him in custody.

According to the family, about 12 soldiers entered the house and ransacked all of the rooms, opening drawers and closets and scattering their contents on the floor. Minor damage was also done to some furniture. The soldiers also confiscated a toy plastic knife from a children’s game set.

The invasion of the Issa home took place around midnight. All of the remaining nine children and their mother were confined to one room of the house while the soldiers were present. After approximately one and a half hours, the soldiers and their five or six jeeps left the premises.

Israeli military incursions into Salim happen on an almost nightly basis. During the last few weeks there have been a number of arrests of young men of the village. These assaults appear to be intended to intimidate and humiliate the local residents as well as to coerce information from the arrested parties.