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Ni’lin hold childrens demonstration in solidarity with Gaza

At 10am on 6th January 2009, children from Ni’lin village went out to the streets to demonstrate against the Apartheid regime of the State of Israel and showing their support to the one and half million of Palestinians in Gaza suffering because of the Israeli massive attacks during 11 days, that have already killed over 500 people and injured over 2500.

Around 300 children between the ages of 3 and 12 arrived from both girls and boys schools in Ni’lin to the town’s center. The youngest ones were driven first from the kindergarten to the municipality square.

They were holding banners and pictures, showing the world what the state of Israel is doing to Gaza people and children and carrying martyrs’ photographs of those army had been killed last week. The girls gathered at the town’s centre shouting messages in support for Gaza and asking for unity against occupation and massacre of the Palestinians. They gave an example of strength and courage. Once all the children met, they started the march through the village. Five children were in the front wearing white t-shirts painted with red colors as a symbol of the victims in Gaza and Ni’lin. Ni’lin’s martyrs’ younger brothers were there, carrying their brothers’ pictures.

The children marched along the main street keeping their voices loud. They continued the demonstration towards the graveyard where the last four Ni’lin martyrs rest. They first visited Ahmed Moussa, 10 years old, and Yousef Ameera, 17 years old, killed both on 29th and 30th July. They prayed and made some speeches there.

After, they walked behind the clinic, where the graves of Arafat Khawaja, 22, and Mohammed Khawaja, 19, both killed on 28th December while demonstrating in solidarity with Gaza people, are. Arafat’s youngest brother, Basil Khawaja, gave a speech about the suffering of the population in Gaza and the Israeli abuses on the Palestinian people.

A lot of media covered the demonstration. The children could express themselves telling the world, in Arabic and English, what they think, how they suffer and asking for stopping the massacre of Palestine. They finished the demonstration shouting “STOP THE CRIMES IN GAZA”.