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Journal: Day 6 – Deaths and strikes

By Eva Bartlett – In Gaza

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From a news building’s height, I can see the black clouds from recent strikes. To the north, in Jabaliya, a Hamas leader’s house has been hit, taking down 4 story’s and the occupants inside. In addition to the Hamas leader, Nazar Iyam, estimates of at least 10 family members, including children.

To the east, 2 different plumes, the most recent resulting in what TV images soon show to be a burned child’s corpse, the first of the dead shown.

“They’re going crazy,” the newsmen say, stating it’s beyond anything they’ve seen before. They are from Gaza.

Reporter Yousef al Helo estimates there could be over 100 drones circling over the Strip, some taking photos, others dropping missiles.

F-16s in tens cross Gaza’s skies.

3:53: New airstike in the east of Gaza city, on agricultural fields, but civilian deaths are restricted to dense camps or city streets.

4:06: at least 4 new strikes in the eastern and northern areas outside Gaza city.

4:13: three more, in quick succession, along the east of Gaza city.

4:19: a new one, and two more in quick succession, at the east.