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Solidarity with the Al-Kurd family

On the 15th of November a music festival was held at the protest tent in Sheikh Jarrah. A Palestinian musician played to a crowd of local residents, international activists and journalists to show support for the evicted Al-Kurd family and at the same time send a message of protest to the Israeli authorities. A crowd of approximately 150 people gathered at the tent where Fawzieh Al Kurd and local residents have been living since the eviction. Film showings and football matches have also taken place at the tent as local residents, along with international activists rally together, in a show of friendship, support and solidarity for the Al Kurd family.

Since the erection of the tent the Israeli authorities have repeatedly tried to intimidate and harass protesters by ordering tents to be taken down, and Palestinian flags and banners to be removed. On Sunday afternoon the Israeli police went a step further by ordering the eviction of the protest tent, despite it being on private land, because it was deemed to be a ‘construction’. The eviction came even though the residents have a permit from the municipality granting permission for the tent. The family and international activists staying at the tent have refused to obey the order.