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Three injured in Bilin weekly protest

Report by Popular Committee Against the Wall in Bilin

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Friday 3/10/2008

The residents of Bil’in, joined by international and Israeli activists, gathered to demonstrate against the Apartheid Wall and settlement building on the 3rd October. The protesters raised the Palestinian flag and banners to commemorate the Eid, calling for a national unity and also other banners condemning the massacres against the Palestinian people.

The demo left after the Friday prayer and called for an end to the racist Israeli policy and settlement building, closures, kidnappings, and the siege on cities and villages. The protesters marched towards the wall with tools to pick olives in their land behind the wall. When protesters tried to access their land, the army fired sound grenades and teargas cannisters which caused dozens to suffer teargas inhalation. Three people were shot with rubber coated bullets.

Earlier, the Israeli lawyer Michael Safardi met with the residents of Bili’n and the Popular Committee Against the Wall to give an update on the Israeli military proposal to the court. This new plan was rejected and the committee asked the laweyer to go back to the court again.