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Israeli soldiers invade international apartment in Tel Rumeida

On Friday 8th of August at 20:45 two international volunteers came home to find their roof occupied by three soldiers. The soldiers had been occupying their roof terrace since 18:45.

When asked what the soldiers were doing there, they responded by pointing their guns at the internationals and said “we’re just looking”, the soldiers then told the international volunteers to leave their own house. To this the internationals responded by telling the soldiers that they hadn’t got anywhere else to stay. One of the soldiers then proceeded to tell the two volunteers that they were under arrest. While detained on the roof the soldiers surrounded the two international volunteers pointing guns at them constantly.

They then told the two volunteers to sit in the corner of the roof terrace, when asked why, a soldier replied saying that if they didn’t sit in the corner of the roof terrace he would shoot him in the head.

Just after this comment, footsteps were heard from downstairs and a torch came up the stairs, this turned out to be the soldiers’ commander who showed the internationals a military order. After being shown the order the two internationals decided to leave the building and wait outside. The commander then came downstairs and told the internationals that they could stay in the house, but just not the roof terrace.

The internationals decided then to go into their apartment where they are staying now with the soldiers occupying the roof terrace just outside. They have received abuse through their window, as well as loud electronic noises.

The soldiers vacated the house at 22.00.