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Apartheid military zone in Susiya

After the settler attack on 20th of July in which two Palestinians and four internationals were arrested for no apparent reason, the Israeli army closed the valley between the villagers of Susiya and the nearby settlement.

The army declared the area as a closed military zone for three days, until three o’clock the 22nd of July. However, they made it clear that the closure could be extended for at least another three days, until Friday the 25th of July.

Despite the settlers not being allowed into the closed military zone, they were able to build an outpost on the 20th of July. Furthermore settlers were seen grazing their sheep in the closed military zone in the morning of Monday the 21st and Tuesday the 22nd of July. Palestinians called the army to clear the area, but the soldiers just let the settlers stay.

It appears like the closure only was meant for the Palestinians.

The closing of the land limits the Palestinian villagers possibility to graze their sheep properly because there is not enough grass nor water in the small area where they are allowed to go.

During monday five new buildings could also be seen moved into the settlement.