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Tree planting in Balata and Askar refugee camps, Nablus

On Saturday, the 29th of September ISM activists planted around a hundred trees in the martyr cemetery at Balata refugee camp in Nablus. Twenty to thirty volunteers from the H.W.C. (Health Work Committee) and the Tanweer Center in Nablus joined in the planting. The Ministry of Agriculture provided the trees. This continues the cooperation between ISM and various organisations in the Nablus area.

The trees were placed around the graves and pathways of the cemetery. Balata residents of all ages came out to put trees near the graves of loved ones. Some children planting trees for the first time. The refugee camp also provided water to help in the planting.

After the success of that Saturday’s tree planting in the Martyr’s cemetery in Balata refugee camp the action was repeated again on Saturday the 6th of October this time in Askar refugee camp. Three ISM activists joined forces with around twenty volunteers from the H.W.C. and the Tanweer Center and the Ministry of Culture cleaned the Martyr’s cemetery and planted the trees in the area. The action continues to help build strong relations and show solidarity with the various communities in the area and is part of an ongoing campaign of tree planting. IOF forces continue to destroy olive groves in the region and make access to Palestinian lands difficult. This is a strong symbolic act of resistance which also improves the environment of the Palestinian people.