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Action Alert: Demonstration in Jayous 10am 8th September

Jaayus, Saturday Sept. 8th at 10:30


On Saturday, September 8th, a demonstration has been organized in the village of Jayous.

As the olive season soon begins, more than 30 work permits the local villagers need to access their lands have been denied “because of opposition on the part of security elements.” Many of the people denied permits are free to enter Israel for work or leave the country entirely yet are somehow denied access to their own property and land for “security” reasons. The system of denying villagers these permits prevents them from tending to land that has been in many of their families for hundreds of years and continuing their cultural tradition of harvesting their olives.

Out of the 4,000 residents in the town only 90 of them are today allowed to work on their land. This is not an isolated occurrence. These restrictions are repeated all along the route of the Apartheid Wall.

Even for the farmers who do have permits, they are restricted in their ability to work their lands by gates manned by the Israeli military. They must go through the gates only within certain times dictated by the Israeli military, and it is the military who decide how much time it takes to go through the gate itself.

The short term objective of the planners of Apartheid is to annex the territories west of the Apartheid Wall. The long term objective is to cause social and economic deprivation east of the Apartheid Wall.

Jayous has been the site of joint Palestinian – Israeli non-violent activism for years. People will gather at 10:15 at the gas station Alfei Menashe, on Road 551, 6 kilometers from Hapeirot junction (the old entrance to Kalkilia), the demonstration will begin soon after.

For more information about the demonstration or transportation contact:
ISM Media: 022971824
Amit: 0545450041

Some “dry” statistics:

Jaayus Village population: 3,500, agricultural land west of the wall: 2,200 acres (about 75% of the village total farm land)

The land in question grows citrus and avocado orchards, holds vegetable greenhouses, and the village’s water wells!!!

Number of people prohibited by Shabbak from tending their lands: 34

Fallame Village population: 750

Jammal Village – population: 2,500

We hope you can join us in acting in solidarity with the Palestinian people to help reclaim their stolen lands.