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Palestine, the Source of Love

By Feras SSA

Oh Palestine! You are my life
My first and final love
I love you since you are Palestine
A stream of sympathy
A mass of mercy
And a light!
All people were guided by your light
They were guided right

Palestine! you are my day
And My wayِ
And you are my heart
My dream every night
I love you!
I love every thing in you
Every thing
I love you when you smile
And when you cry
I love you since you are from me
And I am from you
We were created together
To live for ever
Oh my dear! you are my love

I know you are crying
You are paining
You are slaughtering
Because of the long night
Because of The dark military
The hateful military
Raping you in front of all
If there is all!
Where is all?
No answer!

I am the all
I am the voice of free
Hey, you are the Black Death!
Stop raping
Stop hating
Stop killing
Do not be stupid
And listen to me!

I am coming back
With my light And With my love
And peace
Try to understand
Do not be blind
Things change
The day comes after night
The strength comes after weakness
And the peace comes after war
Do not a ignore

I am coming Palestine!
To celebrate with you
In our timeless marriage
Since you are me
And I am you

Palestine I love you
I love your irregular body
I love your shiny hair
I love everything in you
Every thing
Even if you’re dirty
How you are beautiful!
I love you since you are