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Tel Rumeida: Palestinian and HRWs Home Attacked With Rocks

At 10:50pm on Wednesday June 21st, A group of Human Rights Workers were sitting in their apartment when suddenly they found themselves under attack with rocks being hurled at force at their home. The attack was brief, lasting between 6 -10 seconds however they found four rocks left on their roof from the incident.

About one week before stones had been hitting the house at about a similar time, apparently flung by Israeli settlers from Tel Rumeida settlement.

Two HRWs went down into the street to see if there were any settlers were about, but no one was able to be seen. They proceeded to go to a Palestinian home, located next to Tel Rumeida settlement, that had been attacked in the past with stones at around the same time. When the internationals arrived they found the family awake. The head of the house, Hasshem Al-Azzah, told the HRWs that his home was attacked by settlers at almost the exactly same time the internationals home had been hit with stones.
Hasshem told the HRWs that his home had been hit with stones for about five minutes before he came out and saw a settler man run away right below the balcony of Baruch Marzel. He further informed the HRWs that he had seen settlers on the roof of Tel Rumeida settlement recently with a large slingshot.

After about half an hour, after the internationals left the Al-Azzah home, at about 11:40pm three more rocks hit the roof of the HRWs home.