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Stop the Bleeding of Bethlehem

Let’s work together to put an end of 40 years of occupation!
from George Rishmawi

Political parties together with local NGOs, social and political activists, and the people of the Bethlehem area are inviting you to join them in their activities against the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza strip, and Golan Heights.

There will be a series of activities organized by different groups during the next week.

Wednesday & Thursday June 6-7

A group of local activists in cooperation with the Bethlehem Municipality is organizing a photo gallery at Manger Square. The photos will focus on the impact of the annexation wall on the Bethlehem area. Informational materials on the Israeli occupation will be available for dissemination.

Friday June 8

The people of Artas village, the popular committee, and political parties are inviting you to join them in their weekly demonstration against the wall and land confiscation. The gathering will be in front of the village mosque at 1:15 following the Friday prayers.

Saturday June 9

The Network of the National Christian Organizations in Bethlehem is organizating a Gathering and Candle March in coordination with Alrowad center in Aida Camp at 5:00 Pm.

Approximately 73,226 Dunams, (18,000 Acres) of land is being expropriated and some 20,000 Palestinian residents will be consequently trapped between the Wall and the Green Line (the internationally recognized armistice line of 1967) in the Bethlehem area

The people of the Bethlehem area need your support. Join us in our ongoing acts of resistance to all forms of the Israeli Occupation, including the wall, military checkpoints, settlement construction and expansion, and land confiscation.

For more information contact:

Eyad, – Arabic Language – 0522045633
Samer,- English Language – 059-8169276