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IOF Plans Home Demolitions in Fasayil

Home Demolitions Planned in Fasayil
from Brighton Palestine 12 April 2007

On Sunday, April 8, Israeli Occupation Forces visited the village of Fasayil, close to the settlement of Bet Syel in the Jordan Valley, and told residents that five houses would be demolished after the Pesach, the Jewish holiday. The residents of Fasayil fear the army may return soon.

Fasayil is situated within Area C and villagers have been prohibited from building new structures or improving their existing homes since the Israeli occupation in 1967. As a result the villagers live in severe poverty in homes in a terrible state of disrepair. Israeli occupation law systematically denies the villagers the right to develop basic facilities or the means to sustain a livelihood. Last year the IDF ordered the demolition of the village’s electricity pylons which supply the only power source for the village. The Israeli courts also ruled that the villagers could not tarmac the road to access the village and ordered the demolition of the village toilet. These demolitions have been halted after interventions by the Palestinian Authority and foreign governments.

The villagers of Fasayil are under constant threat from house demolitions. One woman has had the same house demolished four times.

The land previously owned by Fasayil has been expropriated by the illegal settlements of Tomer and Bet Syel. The residents are now forced to work for the settlers as their traditional livelihood is being destroyed. 90% of the villagers work in the settlements, for companies like Carmel-Agrexco with no contracts, sick pay or employment rights. Many children from the village work on the settlement as the village is prohibited from building a school and students often have to travel to Jericho to get an education.

Palestinians from Fasayil who challenge these Israeli restriction are forced to pay massive legal fees for representation in the Israeli courts.

The current demolition orders in Fasayil are a part of a systematic policy to force the Palestinian residents out of the area. However, the villagers plan to stay on their land despite the relentless harassment by the Israeli state. Fasayil is resisting the Israeli attempt to destroy their community with very little support from outside agencies. They feel that their plight is going unnoticed and are asking for international support to stop the demolitions.

To see a video the Israeli Occupation Forces demolishing Palestinian homes and internationals attempting to halt the operation, click HERE.

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