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IMEMC: Palestine Information Minister visits Spain, meets Spanish Foreign Minister

P.A Information minister visits Spain, meets Moratinos
by Naseer Faleh, 28 April 2007

Photo: IMEMC

Spanish Foreign Minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos, welcomed at the Spanish Foreign Ministry, the Palestinian Minister of Information, Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, Who is also the official spokesperson of the Palestinian National Unity Government.

The meeting is considered a positive step towards the European position regarding dealing with the Palestinian unity government.

Barghouthi stated that the meeting focused on the harsh conditions that the Palestinian residents are facing under the siege, and Israel’s withholding of Palestinian tax revenues in addition to the Israeli attacks and invasions into the Palestinian areas.

He added that he explained to Moratinos the agenda of the unity government, and the initiatives made by the Palestinians during the past period, including the prisoner swap initiative and the initiative which calls for a parallel truce with Israel.

The two leaders confirmed the importance of ending the Israeli occupation, and the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian independent state, in addition to the importance of implementing the international resolutions, and the principles of the international law in order to end the occupation.

Barghouthi also called on Europe to start dealing with the unity government, and to continue its support to the Palestinian people, and added that the siege and bad living conditions could lead to further violence in the region.

He added that the time has come for the world to recognize a government that represents 96% of the Palestinian people, and thanked Spain for its positive positions.

On his side, Mutations confirmed that the Spain will continue its efforts and will conduct additional efforts to hold and international peace conference.

He added that the siege should be lifted, and that the sanctions are harming every Palestinian house, in addition to harming the health, and educational sectors.

Two days ago, Barghouthi met in Berlin with the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and discussed with him the efforts needed to lift the siege and enable the Palestinian Authorities carry its duties in ending chaos and insecurity.