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Women’s March in Hebron on April 1st

Women’s March in Hebron on April 1st
ISM Media Team, March 31


On Sunday, April 1st, the Palestinian Women’s Club will lead a women’s demonstration in the city of Hebron in the West Bank.

The women are planning at noon in H2, where they will then march through the Old City and end at the Ibrahimi Mosque, where they will pray. The women will be joined by international and Israeli solidarity activists.

Nisreen, one of the organizers of the event, is expecting around 100 participants. She also stated that “there should not be any intervention from the Israeli army because we will be marching the ‘legal way,’ through the Old City and to the mosque.” She stressed, however, that the army often invades the Old City.

The Hebron Protocols of 1997 divided the city of Hebron into 2 parts: H1 and H2. There are around 130,000 Palestinians in H1, an area where the PA has limited autonomy. H2 homes nearly 35,000 Palestinians and 600 Israeli settlers. H2 is under complete Israeli military control. The Palestinians in H2 are not allowed to drive cars of any kind, including ambulances and taxis. There is a road that leads directly to the Ibrahimi Mosque in H2. Palestinians, however, are forbidden by the Israeli military to walk down this road to reach the mosque.

Palestinians must take the long way around to reach the mosque, through the Old City. This is the route the women’s march will take on Sunday.

For more information, contact:

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Fawaz, 0599-355-286
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