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Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians Continues in Jordan Valley

by the ISM media team, January 25th

On Tuesday 23rd January IOF bulldozers carried out the latest round of home demolitions in the Jordan Valley as part of the ongoing attempt to ethnically cleanse the valley of its indigenous inhabitants.

Six Palestinian homes were destroyed in Al Jiftlik Village, and one home and a reservoir were demolished in the neighbouring village of Furush Beit Dajan. Both villages are located in the middle of the valley near Hamra checkpoint. Around 50 people were made homeless by these demolitions. The homes demolished were shacks constructed out of pieces of wood and metal. Palestinians in the valley as elsewhere in Zone C are never given permission to build houses so erect makeshift homes, knowing they will be demolished at some point. The owners of the demolished homes are:

Bashar Mubarak Yusif Basharat
Basem Mohammed Saleh Musaid
Ali Salim Ahmed Jahalin
Mohammed Hasan Eid Ghaneym
Mohammed Aleyan
Ali Qaibni Ghaneym
Yusif Ibrahim Abu Awad
Yusif Sadiq Shaheen

demolished shacks in Al Jiftlik:

the demolished shack and reservoir in Furush Beit Dajan:

life in the valley:

water tanks for Palestinians with reservoir for the illegal Israeli colony in the background

pump for illegal Israeli colony