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Beit Ummar Farmers Continue Struggle against Israeli Settlers’ Land Grab


Monday, July 3rd, at 6:30 am, farmers from Beit Ummar and Halhul, along with international and Israeli supporters, will gather on their land to stop its illegal destruction by the Israeli state. The army is building two barriers with a patrol road in between them in order to expand the Israeli settlement named Karmi Tsore.

The Palestinians are intent on blocking the bulldozers.

This action is to continue the resistance to the illegal confiscation of the Palestinians’ land that began late this afternoon (July 2nd). Thirty Palestinians, four internationals, and two Israelis arrived at the aforementioned site when two bulldozers plowed through the farmers’ stone wall and destroyed over 20 grape vines. A Palestinian activist, Musa Abu Marya, and two internationals sat and lay in front of the bulldozer and succeeded in stopping it. The army arrived, beat Marya, and detained him until the protesters dispersed. Two other Palestinians were beaten by one soldier.

The Israeli soldiers claimed that the land was purchased by Karmi Tsore, yet the Palestinian landowners were present and denied any such claim. An Israeli commander spoke with the landowners, saying that he would call an Israeli military judge to discuss the settlers’ land claim this evening. Tomorrow the landowners will bring their lawyers to the site and they are prepared to stop the bulldozers if the judge commands the building of the wall to continue.

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