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A Letter From Gaza

They will never stop doing this as long as the US and Britain support them. They cut the electricity and soon there will be no water to drink. Sonic bombs are something that make you feel like you are going crazy! Please do something about them, at least! Hold demonstrations or whatever.

I don’t know what to say. They will destroy houses and do many nasty things, as usual. You can come here and work with us! It’s a job for many people. You must come here to evaluate the truth and the facts. Believe me, they are not doing this for the sake of the kidnapped soldier. Before that they killed families trying to have fun on the beach.

I know that you are happy watching the Mondiale. But thre are some people who hope that that you will support us. Children are more afraid now that they will loose their parents. They think that what happened to the girl on the beach will happen to them, anytime and any place. I can’t even reach Gaza because they destroyed the bridges between the north and south of the Gaza strip.

Please, at least, pray for us. I really know that you want to do something but you can’t. Still, I wanted to tell you about what is going on here. They may enter my village today or tonight and I’m trying not to imagine what could happen. I’m writing this email very quickly because the electricity may be cut before I finish it…