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Qawawis Demands a Gap


Tomorrow, Sunday morning villagers will lie down along the route of the wall demanding the a gap is left for them to be able to pass through.

The villagers of Qawawis woke up Wednesday morning to workers building a meter-high cement wall along the road that runs through their land between the illegal Israeli settlement of Susya and Hebron. The mini-wall designed to keep Palestinian cars from accessing the settler-only road will have the effect of preventing the villagers from being able to access their villages by car or being able to access their lands on the other side of the road. Sheep, tractors or even donkeys will be unable to access the land.

A previous demonstration against the mini-wall that was violently oppressed by the Israeli border police. Two Palestinians were arrested.

Qawawis villagers, whose sole income is shepherding are forced to live in caves since any structure they construct is demolished by the Israeli authorities.

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(1) For backround on the area see: www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/721882.html