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What Jim Carrey Probably Doesn’t Know

Jim Carrey, who is currently visiting Israel, along with Ewan McGregor, Will Smith, and Sharon Stone, recent vistors, probably doesn’t know:

At the Shifa Hospital in Gaza, dozens of kidney patients have seen their dialysis sessions cut because of dwindling supplies because of the cutbacks in funding, and five patients have already died, doctors and nurses say.

Mousa Salim Mousa al-Sawarka, while he was grazing his camels in the al-Khousa area to the north of Beit Lahia…was killed instantly by shrapnel to the head.

That was Saturday, May 6 while this morning:

Hassan Hussein Khader al-Shaf’ei, 55, was killed by shrapnel throughout the body, while he was farming his land.

And in the past twenty days:

Six Palestinian civilians, including 2 children, have been killed, and at least 60 others, including 21 children, have been wounded by IOF shelling.

And this past April 37 Palestinians including six kids were killed by Israel’s Occupation Forces.

I wonder if Jim Carey has a clue what “Al-Nakba” means.

Most likely he won’t be subjected to humiliation like this poor soul at a military checkpoint near Ein Yabrud:

The occupation soldiers made a man around 30 years old completely remove his clothes, piece by piece. It was cold outside and raining lightly. And this was such a painful thing, with hundreds of people in tens of detained cars around to see.

And I sincerely doubt Jim Carrey knows how Israeli soldiers treat “crying” and “desperate” pregnant young women at checkpoints like Abdul-Latif Khalid does:

I noticed a lady looks pregnant in the last month and carrying another kid 2-3 years old sleeping on her hands. She came directly to the soldiers from a narrow passage specially for people entering to Nablus . She was very tiered and exhausted, and asking the soldier “please let me pass, I was waiting for a long time in the line and see I’m so tired see; here is the identity” The soldier shouted on her go back no way, then another old man came through the same way asking for similar help. The soldier start to talk with the old man, then I asked the lady “come beside me I will talk to him” The soldier finished with the old man and pushed him back to the line.

Does he know that Palestinians are being punished for voting for Hamas, and for refusing to recognize Israel’s “right” to exist as a Jews-preferred state, for refusing to recognized Israel’s “right” to ethnically cleanse the indigenous people of Palestine, for refusing to recognize Israel’s “right” for razing to the ground over four hundred villages, for refusing to recognized Israel’s “right” to dominate them? For the Palestinians refusal to capitulate to their cruel masters the following is the result:

Ramallah Hospital — the main referral hospital for all of the West Bank — is running out of medicines, sterile dressings and other disposable items.

Even former President Jimmy Carter, in very undiplomatic language appropriate for the dire situation says:

Innocent Palestinian people are being treated like animals

Jim Carrey probably knows about Israeli government’s efforts to “cajole” some obnoxious illegal settlers from a Palestinian owned house in Hebron since this has been ballyhooed in the press to indicate Israel is “cracking” down on its settlers.

What he most likely doesn’t know:

Israel quietly but forcefully continues its sustained policy of seizing and maintaining control over the West Bank, its land and natural resources.

And even the most non-violent Palestinians aren’t “coaxed” as are the illegal thugs in Hebron. On the contrary:

People living in the proximity of the wall conduct marches and even bravely try to break the metal locks on the gates that keep them out of their agricultural fields, but they are easily beaten back by Israeli rubber bullets and tear gas. Some of them also are “detained” [Several have been killed].

Jim Carrey, Will Smith, Sharon Stone, and Ewan McGregor probably don’t know any of this, but it is high time they found out rather than allow themselves to be used to enhance Israel’s image.