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Villagers of Jabaa to Reclaim Their Land: Thursday and Friday


The village of Jabaa will hold two non-violent direct actions against the theft of their land by Israeli settlers and soldiers this weekend. A month ago, close to a thousand of the village’s olive trees were uprooted to prepare for the construction of the Wall, which will confiscate 600 Dunams, or roughly one sixth of the village’s agricultural land. If the wall is built according to its planned route the farmers of Jabbaa will be cut off from the means of their livelihood.

Therefore, on Thursday June 1’st at 10 am the residents of Jabaa, accompanied by international and Israeli solidarity activists, will march to the planned route of the wall at the location of Beit Shemesh checkpoint. Following this, on Friday June 2nd, at 9am farmers will bring a bulldozer and attempt to plough their land in the Jum Jum area near the settlement of Bat Ayin. The owners of this land have been prevented by the Bat Ayin settlers from accessing their land for the last seven years. In previous instances when they have approached their own land, these Bat Ayin settlers have beaten the landowners and fired shots towards them and their live stock, killing some of their sheep.

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