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Non violent activist faces 11th court appearance

By Harrison Healy, Jerusalem

On February 8, Palestinian activist Mohammad Mansour made his 11th court appearance relating to “crimes” committed at a demonstration in 2004. For over a year-and-a-half, Mohammad Mansour has been repeatedly required to appear before Judge Ron Alexander of the Israeli “peace” court in Jerusalem. He has been accused of throwing stones, encouraging others to throw stones and being involved in “illegal demonstrations” inside the West Bank.

Each time the judge has deferred the case. The prosecution has repeatedly asked for more time to gather evidence against Mohammad Mansour, yet despite constant harassment they have find any evidence to support their claims.

At Mohammad Mansour’s previous appearance on February 15, his court hearing was postponed until March 21. On his way home from Jerusalem, Mohammad Mansour’s bus was stopped and he was detained for an hour before receiving two invitations to visit Israeli intelligence. The last time Mohammad Mansour declined such an invitation, intelligence officers went to his father’s house and threatened him with arrest.

Mohammad Mansour attended the interview but no-one spoke to him. They simply kept him waiting for several hours in a small room.

Without reason, the court date was changed from March 21 to March 8. Attending was difficult for Mohaamad Mansour, as his Palestinian ID does not authorise him to be in Jerusalem, forcing him to avoid checkpoints in order to reach the court. The prosecution requested still more time and was granted a deferral until September 10.

Send messages of support to Mansour at mohammad_pal68@yahoo.com

Harrison Healy is a member of the Australian socialist youth organisation Resistance, and is currently working with the ISM in Palestine.