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More Arrests in Bil’in

The Israeli Army entered the village of Bil’in last night at 3am and arrested 2 people as they were walking home from the Bilin outpost, Sharar Hassan Dawoud Mansour, age 22, and Wal’el Fahmi Abd Almajid Naser, age 29.

Earlier yesterday, 6 Bil’in villagers were released after serving a sentence of 4 months in prison and paying a fine of 1000 NIS each. The 6 released people are three brothers, Faraj, Fadel, and Hassan Awad Yasin, ages 20, 26 and 29, Jawad and Mohammed Emran Al Khatib, also brothers ages 20 and 23, and Mohammed Khalid Abu Rahma, age 20. There are still 6 additional people in jail from the village of Bil’in, bringing the total number to 8.

Last nights arrests are part of an ongoing intimidation campaign by the Israeli forces against the Palestinian Non-violent resistance to the confiscation of their land by the annexation wall.