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Electoral candidates unite against the Apartheid Wall

Candidates from all Palestinian political parties and factions, including Hamas, Fatah, Al Mubadara and others will join the villagers of Bil’in on Friday the 20th of January at 12;00 AM in a march to the construction site of the annexation barrier on their land. Members of the Israeli Knesset and Israeli and international activists will also participate in the protest.

When asked about Hamas participating in nonviolent demonstrations that are supported by Israeli activists, Hamas’s spokesperson Hassan Youssef told the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz that if they see that this kind of demonstration can end Israel’s occupation, then they will do it.

The people of Bil’in have built an “outpost” adjacent to the illegal Jewish settlement outpost Matityahu Mizrah currently being constructed on the villages land. That has been rendered inaccessible to the villagers by the annexation barrier.

The Israeli authorities efforts to remove and halt the expansion of the Palestinian outpost is in stark contrast to their support for the illegal expansion of Modi’in Elite.

The route of the wall in Bil’in was determined in order to allow for the unauthorised expansion of the Modi’in Elite settlement and the de-facto annexation of over half of the villages land. An appeal by the villagers will be heard in the Israeli Supreme Court on February first.

For more information in Bil’in:
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