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The Tale of Two Outposts

A story of Israeli Apartheid

On the left of the picture is the house that Bil’in villagers have built on their land in an area that they are calling “Bil’in west”. On the right of the pictures are buildings under construction in the Modi’in Elite settlement outpost also known as “Metityahu East”.

The Palestinian structure that houses “the center for Joint struggle” has received a “stop work order” from the Israeli civil administration and is threatened with demolition.

The settlement apartment buildings, despite being built without permits or plans from the Israeli government on land that belongs to the village of Bil’in , have yet to receive such an order.

The Israeli military have placed the Palestinian house under twenty four hour surveillance to insure that no additional construction take place.

Meanwhile, construction, which even Israel’s civil administration admits is illegal, continues in the settlement outpost unabated under the protection of the Israeli military.