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They still find ways to have fun

by Devon

Sixty percent of the West Bank village of Kifl Haris are children under the age of 17.  on August first some of the village’s children demonstrated with us and stayed non-violent in the face of a foreign military shooting teargas and sound bombs.  I would not have been that brave when I was their age.  They grow up fast here; they have to. 

I think that whereever one goes in whatever circumstances, children will find ways to have fun.  After the action they invited me to play football and basketball with them.  An ocean of children running back and forth having a really good time is quite acontrast to the Palestinian man who got hit in the mouth with a tear gas canister earlier that day; it shattered his jaw and there was blood all down his shirt.  I think Gandhi would have been proud of the villagers that day. 

I wanted to tell you about the children’s sweet voices, but I can’t do them justice in writing.  I wanted to show you their smiles and I wanted you to hear them laugh.  I wish you could come play with them and demonstrate with them, because if you did you would touched in your heart of hearts-after that you would never forget the children of Palestine and you would forever wonder if they are still doing okay.