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Update on Bil’in Arrestees

A military appeals judge ruled today to extend the detention of non-violent community organizer Abdullah Abu Rahme of Bil’in until Sunday at 11:00 AM when the military prosecution’s appeal against Abdullah’s release on bail will be heard.

Earlier today a different military judge ruled to release Abdullah and Akram Al Khatib on bail. The two were arrested during a nonviolent protest in Bil’in last Friday. Akram was released onthe condition that he remain 500 meters away from the Annexation Fence in Bil’in except in areas that are built up areas within the village. But the prosecution appealed Abdullah’s release.

Abdullah has yet to be charged with anything, but the prosecution claimed that he assaulted a soldier during his arrest and tried to grab his weapon. Witnesses’ statements, pictures and video of the event that were presented to the judge tell a different story of a peaceful protest violently attacked by the Israeli military forces.

Another resident of Bil’in, Tamer al Khatib, is being detained at Ofer Military Base. Tamer was arrested yesterday along with six other non-violent activists who had locked themselves into a metal cylinder on the route of the annexation Barrier. The activists were initially charged with attacking Israeli soldiers. But upon viewing video of the event, an Israeli judged said that, on the contrary, the peaceful activists were attacked by Israeli soldiers.

Despite having been arrested at the same event and accused of the same charge, the Israeli and international activists were offered immediate release on the condition that they stay away from the wall’s route in Bil’in for 15 days. But Tamer was transferred to a military detention center and will probably spend six days there before he sees a judge.

In protest of this racist treatment three of the activists, Alison Brim of North Carolina, Nina Olsen of Denmark, and ISM cofounder Huwaida Arraf, a Palestinian American from Michigan, refused to be released and spent the night in detention only to return before a judge the next day. The activists’ lawyer, Yael Berda, added a statement to their conditions of release document that explained that the women regard their being offered conditional release while Tamer remains in detention as racist and unjust. Huwaida Arraf informed the judge that they refuse to stop protesting the Illegal annnexation Wall. All three were released on conditions.

The Israeli government continues its policy of attacking, arresting and fabricating charges against non-violent Palestinian, Israeli and international activists who are protesting against the construction of the Annexation Wall on Palestinian land. The Wall has been declared illegal by the International Court of Justice, the world’s highest legal institution.

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