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ISM MEDIA ALERT: Hebron residents protest at internal checkpoints


Hebron residents protest at internal checkpoints

INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY MOVEMENT — The city of Hebron is dissected by a labyrinth of checkpoints that keep people isolated not only from elsewhere in the occupied Palestine, but often from the other end of town. On Saturday at 11:30 a.m., Hebron citizens plan to demonstrate against this limit on travel by marching to one of the internal checkpoints with Israeli and International activists.

While many cities in the West Bank are cordoned off at their borders, Hebron residents must wait hours just to get across town. For the last four years, the internal checkpoints have severely limited resident’s access to the most basic essentials such as school, medical treatment, and shops. Travelers are regularly subjected to searches and as male solders are the norm in the area, women are often not allowed to be searched by female soldiers.

Demonstrators will select one of the internal checkpoints to be protested against as a symbol of all limits on travel for Palestinians.

While that checkpoint is not being named until the march begins, participants are invited to begin gathering at 11 a.m. at the Bab
Al Zaweya town square. Being that Hebron is under a constant siege due to the round-the-clock military presence, a violent response is expected to this peaceful call for the freedom to move from one end of town to the other.

For more information, contact Esssa at 054-789-33-56 or 0599-340-549.

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