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Update on Yonatan Pollak

Yonatan Pollak, an activist from “Anarchists Against Walls”, was brought in front of a judge Saturday 11 of June night after being in detention since Thursday. The judge confirmed Yonatan’s 3 months ban from the West Bank. Under the advice of his attorney Yonatan signed, and is now filing an appeal to the district court in Tel Aviv. A date for the hearing is still unknown.

Yonatan was arrested while participating in a demonstration against the construction of the Separation Fence on the lands of the town of Salfit. The Barrier, at this place, will penetrate 23km east of the Green Line.

Unlike other protesters, who were released after committing themselves to stay out of the Samaria region” for 14 days, Yonatan was not offered such a deal, but was held over night at Ariel Police Station. He was brought in front of a judge the next day (Friday 10th), and charged with illegal assembly and using the 1945 British Emergency Regulations charged with being in a closed military zone. Judge Nava Bechor ordered for him to stay out of the entire Occupied Palestinian Territories for a period of 3 months. Yonatan refused to agree and sign his disproportionately hard ruling, and was taken back to prison, only to have another judge confirms Bachor’s verdict.

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