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Peaceful Prayer in Ramadin

The army declared the area a closed military zone in the morning, warning the villagers not to get close to the path, and put up a checkpoint on the main road to the village, not letting any cars in.

About 200 Palestinians took part in the demonstration, including many children and some women. There were 5 Israelis and one international present.

Ramadin had some land stolen from the village in ’48 where Kibutz Lahav now sits, and a very close by settlement, Eshkolot, is also sitting on their land. The path of the wall is going to surround the south of Ramadin and take more of their land now.

The demonstration started towards the path, with at least 70 soldiers present. The villagers held a prayer on the land for about an hour, and then started to get closer to the path, beyond a line of stones the army decided was their non-crossing point. The soldiers then approached and after “negotiation” with the head of the village, the village decided to end the demonstration without a confrontation with the army and return to the village.

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