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“Palestinian Ghandi” Still in Jail, Bal’in Protests to Continue Friday

This day, June 29th, Rateb Abu Rahma, “the Palestinian Ghandi,” – a non-violent peace activist from Bil’in remains in custody after the prosecution appealed against his release on bail yesterday.

Gaby Lasksi, Rateb’s lawyer, has filed an urgent appeal for his immediate release. The hearing will take place tomorrow at Ofer military base at 1:30pm.

Rateb, 40, married with children, was arrested whilst he lay on the ground holding a fake tombstone. The tombstone represents the death of Bil’in due to the illegal separation barrier being built close to the village.

Rateb was injured by a sound grenade thrown at him while he lay on the ground. He was then arrested, and refused medical treatment. Israeli peace demonstrators videoed everything and their tape proves Rateb is innocent. Since his arrest on June 17th, he has remained in custody charged throwing stones.

Protests Outside Bil’in Set to Continue

A non-violent protest against the building of the illegal separation barrier near Bil’in will be held at 1:00pm on Friday July 1st. Residents will be joined by Israeli and International peace activists in the latest of a series of protests against the building of the barrier that have occurred near Bal’in.

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