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International Solidarity Movement activist seriously injured in Jenin

Palestine Red Crescent Society

Press Release

Jenin – (5 April 2003): At approximately 7:23 pm, PRCS Emergency Medical Services (EMS) received a call to respond to an injured person near the town’s main square. Within several minutes a PRCS ambulance was on the scene, and the medics immediately administered emergency first aid to the injured person, who was suffering from serious wounds to the face due to Israeli Army heavy machine gun fire from an armoured personnel carrier (APC). The ambulance transferred the injured person to Jenin’s Dr. Khalil Sulieman Hospital for treatment where the shooting victim underwent emergency surgery. It was only at the hospital where the patient was identified as 24 year-old Brian Avery, an American citizen from New Mexico. According to the PRCS report, EMS medics were unable to identify Brian at the scene due to the severity of his facial wounds.

It is worth noting that Brian has on occasion volunteered with the PRCS Jenin Branch in addition to his role as ISM activist.