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Ministry of the Interior appeals Susan Barclay’s release

by Michael, ISM Media Office

Today Susan Barclay telephoned the ISM Media Office from Mikhal Detention Center where she has been held by the Israeli authorities since her arrest at Howarra Checkpoint last Thursday. She informed me that the Israeli Ministry of the Interior had appealed against her release so she was not going to be free any time soon.

Despite her ordeal she said she was OK but would appreciate some books, phone cards and cigarettes (which the ISM has had delivered to her by an Israeli volunteer).

I told her of all the messages I’d received enquiring as to how people could help her and asked her what she wanted her supporters do regarding legal representation, publicity and lobbying for her release and she said she intended to fight her deportation every step of the way. She wanted to return to work in Nablus if at all possible and wanted those who expressed their support for her to raise as big a storm as possible not for her sake but for the sake of the Free Palestine for which she was being imprisoned.