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Midnight Victim

by Neda, Beit Sahour

It could happen very simply to any girl of us, and without any consideration to any international law or any humanitarian sense, one girl of my classmates was arrested while she was drowning in her innocent dreams, and has not any single political relation, in the middle of the night a tremendous number of Israeli soldiers, tanks and all kinds of weapons swept over Fida’s house.

Fida, whose mother died many years ago and lives with her old father, was arrested in justification that she is planning to a suicide bombing. They searched the house and turned it upside down while there is nothing to find accept some canned food which they kept for war [in case of curfews]. Fida and her old father were blindfolded in a very windy night and it was raining very hard. They didn’t allow her to take any jacket or blanket; they didn’t take care about anything and treated her like animals. She couldn’t hold on to all the awful things that were happening to her and her old father.

After they put her in jail with other two girls with same reasons they brought her one female soldier to deal and investigate, but it didn’t work and they couldn’t communicate despite there is many soldiers that speak Arabic – they intended to bother them as much as they could. Fida was already sick with the flu and sick physically besides the nightmare they brought to her and after one day they let them go and told them that they mixed up with other Fida…they think.

And this could happen to any Palestinian girl, and we are supposed to take it easy.