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Gazan human rights organizations hold press conference

ISM Gaza 3 October 2009 Following the Palestinian Authority decision on 2 October to defer the draft proposal endorsing the UN “Goldstone Report”, nearly twenty different human rights organizations issued a statement and held a press conference condemning the Palestinian ...

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ICC may try IDF officer in wake of Goldstone Gaza report

Yotam Feldman | Ha’aretz 24 September 2009 A senior prosecutor at the International Criminal Court in The Hague said Monday that he is considering opening an investigation into whether Lt. Col. David Benjamin, an Israel Defense Forces reserve officer, allowed ...

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Treading the borders between life and death

Ewa Jasiewicz | The Palestine Telegraph 16 September 2009 It happened at 2:30am, Wednesday, December 31 2008. Israeli helicopter gunships and warplanes had been bombing the length of the Gaza Strip. In Eastern Jabaliya, white phosphorous had been exploding over ...

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UN says Israel should face war-crimes trial over Gaza

Donald Macintyre | The Independent 16 September 2009 Israel targeted “the people of Gaza as a whole” in the three-week military operation which is estimated to have killed more than 1,300 Palestinians at the beginning of this year, according to ...

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Hugo Chávez accuses Israel of genocide

Rory McCarthy | The Guardian 9 September 2009 Hugo Chávez, the Venezuelan president, has accused Israel of genocide against the Palestinians, saying the offensive in Gaza early this year was unprovoked. “The question is not whether the Israelis want to ...

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Morality’s chief of staff

Gideon Levy | Ha’aretz 16 August 2009 Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi is a moral and ethical paragon who stands atop an organization that is no less moral or ethical. Last week, he broke his silence and proved his acute sensitivity ...

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