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Aid workers and journalists risk life in Gaza

International Solidarity Movement volunteers Eva Bartlett and Ewa Jasiewicz were featured on Russia Today for their activism and reporting from Gaza. Humanitarian workers and rights activists in Gaza are helping locals put their lives back together after the three-week-long Israeli ...

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Sailing into Gaza

By Huwaida Arraf • August 25, 2008 On Saturday, after 32 hours on the high seas, I sailed into the port of Gaza City with 45 other citizens from around the world in defiance of Israel’s blockade. We traveled from ...

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5 years on, we remember Rachel Corrie

This article was originally published in The Observer newspaper on the 2nd March 2008 It is impossible to underestimate quite how much life for Rachel Corrie’s family has changed since she was killed by an Israeli army Caterpillar D9 bulldozer ...

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Solidarity With Rachel Corrie

By Greta Berlin published in the Washington Post Saturday, July 28, 2007; Page A17 Jane Horwitz’s article on “My Name Is Rachel Corrie” could have been an example of reporting on the best aspects of the play [” ‘Corrie’ Fears ...

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A replay of tired lies

By Huwaida Arraf and Neta Golan, Seattle Post Intelligencer It is sad that J.L. Greenberg recycles discredited propaganda to defame the memory of Rachel Corrie and the ongoing, important work of the International Solidarity Movement (“Corrie ignored Muslim atrocities,” May ...

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The Olympia-Rafah Sister City Project

Ei: Bringing the discussion home: The Olympia-Rafah Sister City Project Andrew Ford Lyons, 1 May 2007 Possibly noteworthy was that more than 300 people attended the standing-room only public hearing on the project. People waited outside the building to get ...

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