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This Is Apartheid

By Rann The Israeli Supreme Court approved a law yesterday denying West Bank and Gaza Palestinians married to Israeli Palestinians residence or citizenship in Israel. As the linked Ha’aretz editorial states, this is a disgrace. Moreover, this is yet another ...

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“That terrible feeling inside “

http://a-mother-from-gaza.blogspot.com/ Ok I admit I’ve been a little lazy this week. Part of that is has to do with the fact that, wrapped up in my pre-travel anxiety as it were, and my mad rush to tie up as many ...

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Laila’s Journal: I don’t exist!

By Laila el-Haddad I don’t exist! …well, at least not according to British Airways. I was attempting to enter in my “passenger details” and country of citizenship and residence on their website for a flight I have booked next month ...

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Hamas forms new security branch

By Laila el-Haddad Something strange is happening in Gaza. Municipality workers are actually working. The streets seem a bit cleaner. And for once, I actually saw a policeman arresting a criminal in a dramatic pick-up the other day, much to ...

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