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Give ‘Free Gaza Movement’ thumbs up!

By Debbie Menon Edward Said reminded the world shortly before his death in 2003 that it is easier for the West to demonise the Palestinian – through ‘the vicious media and government campaign against Arab society, culture, history and mentality’ ...

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Scottish Medicines for Gaza stopped in El Arish

For more information, click here. (SUNDAY JULY 20th 4.45pm) The 1.5 tons of medicines from Scotland to Gaza are now a few metres outside the gate into Gaza at Rafah on the Egyptian side of the Israeli-built wall that has ...

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Targeting Journalists

By Eva Bartlett The killing of Gaza-based Palestinian Reuters cameraman received considerable attention 2.5 months ago. Filming at the site of shelling in Gaza earlier in the day, Fadel Shana was himself targeted by shelling from the very tanks he ...

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PCHR: Narratives Under Siege – Swimming in Sewage

In order to highlight the impact of the siege and closure of the Gaza Strip on the civilian population, the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) is publishing a series of “Narratives Under Siege” on the PCHR website. These short ...

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