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Demonstrators picket BBC offices in Gaza City

Demonstrators picketed outside the offices of the BBC in Gaza city on Thursday 29th January, to protest against the news agency’s refusal to air the Disasters Emergency Committee’s (DEC) Gaza appeal. Approximately 30 demonstrators filled the footpath in front of ...

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Expanding illegal no-go zones leaves hundreds homeless

Eva Bartlett | In Gaza 30 January 2009 Imagine being grateful for the chance to return to your demolished home and sift through the rubble, to try to retrieve personal belongings, ID cards and papers, still-useable clothes and pots… Imagine ...

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Where is the ceasefire?

27 January 2009 A young farm-worker, Arwan al Ibrim was murdered by Israeli military forces at approximately 9:45 am on Tuesday 27th January, in the village of Al Farahin, east of Khan Younis. 27 year old Arwan was working picking ...

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Yousef Shrater

Eva Bartlett | In Gaza 29 January 2009 Remarkably, the staircase in Yousef Shrater’s bombed and burned house is still intact, as are the 14 people that make up the 3 families who were living in the house. Shrater, a ...

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At Al Wafa – Saja and Ceasefiring

Sharon Lock | Tales to Tell Yesterday E and I went back to see Amer at his Zaytoun house. He told us his brother Abdullah is back home from the Egyptian hospital, and showed us his hospital records; his wounds ...

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Amid destruction, school resumes

Tara Jensen is an Australian Human Rights Volunteer in Gaza “We have no bathroom, how can we wash ourselves? How can we go to school looking like this?”, implored 13 year-old Shaima al Samouni. It’s a pertinent question, given that ...

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