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A beautiful place

Sharon Lock | Tales to Tell 8 February 2009 Before the strikes, the group 14 Friends of Palestine asked E and me to make contact with a little girl they sponsor via Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children. It’s taken a ...

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Ezbet Abed Rabbo: “They make like art here”

Eva Bartlett | In Gaza 7 February 2009 On a visit to Ezbet Abed Rabbo during which I heard more harrowing testimonies of life under invasion, children shot dead before parents’ eyes, and being held captive for days on end, ...

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An open letter to Sir Roger Moore

PACBI | Unless we do something about it, we’ll never ever be able to hold our heads up!! An Open Letter to Sir Roger Moore 8 February 2009 The Palestinian arts community has received the news of your plans to ...

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One million and a half broken hearts

Natalie Abou Shakra | Gaza 08 Wednesday February 4, 2009 Tears drop on her hands, hands that he had once kissed passionately, on her engagement ring, that ring he chose for her, on her cheeks that oust the redness of ...

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From beneath the rubble

Eva Bartlett | In Gaza 4 February 2009 “This is at the beginning, when they started digging survivors and bodies out of the rubble,” Abu Qusay said. Just a few weeks after being buried alive by the bombing which attacked ...

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