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Bil’in Cameraman release delayed

Photo of Emad filming the demonstration in Bil’in on Friday 2nd June 2006. Emad is on the left with the baseball cap and high-vis jacket. Click cropped image above for full image. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Bil’in cameraman Emad Bornat will ...

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Bil’in Peacefully Breaches Fence

by ISM media team, October 20th At midday yesterday the villagers of Bil’in again marched in solidarity with Emad Bornat, who was attacked and taken from Bil’in by the Israeli occupation forces on 6th October. Nearly forty people, twenty Palestinians ...

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Bil’in Cameraman Still in Detention

Bil’in cameraman Emad Bornat remains in detention despite a military judge’s decision to release him today. The judge agreed to release Emad on 15,000 NIS ($3,500) bail and under house arrest to a neighbouring village to Bil’in. The judge, however, ...

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Bil’in Cameraman in Court Tomorrow

by the ISM media team, October 16th Emad Bornat, the Reuters cameraman and video-journalist who was kidnapped by Israeli forces after a demonstration in Bil’in on October 6th, has been in detention now at Ofer military prison for 10 days. ...

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AP: Israeli army “accused of attacking journalists”

Associated Press The Tel Aviv-based Foreign Press Association on Thursday accused the IDF of “unprovoked violence against journalists” after two Palestinian journalists were beaten up and one of them detained in the West Bank. “In both cases there is no ...

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