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Action Alert: Write the LA Times in support of Bil’in

4 November 2009 The LA Times has published a great article (http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/world/la-fg-nonviolence4-2009nov04,0,226753.story?page=1&track=rss) about Bil’in and the popular struggle in today’s edition (November 4th). As past experience teach us, an assault by Israel’s supporter is sure to follow immediately, and be ...

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Palestinians who see nonviolence as their weapon

Richard Boudreaux | The Los Angeles Times 4 November 2009 Every Friday, Mohammed Khatib’s forces assemble for battle with the Israeli army and gather their weapons: a bullhorn, banners — and a fierce belief that peaceful protest can bring about ...

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Israeli intelligence pose as Arabs to spy on citizens

Jonathan Cook | The Electronic Intifada 21 October 2009 Civil rights groups in Israel have expressed outrage at the announcement last week that a special undercover unit of the police has been infiltrating and collecting intelligence on Israel’s Palestinian Arab ...

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Bil’in villagers appeal Canadian court

Dan Izenberg | The Jerusalem Post 21 October 2009 Farmers from Bil’in, 12 km. west of Ramallah, are continuing their efforts in Canada to obtain a court order instructing two building companies registered and domiciled in Quebec to stop all ...

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Believing in the nonviolent struggle

Jody McIntyre | Electronic Intifada 20 October 2009 The following is Palestinian nonviolent resistance activist Ahmed A. Khatib’s story as told to The Electronic Intifada contributor Jody McIntyre: My name is Ahmed A. Khatib, I am 32 years old, and ...

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Filling up Israel’s jails to no avail

Seth Freedman | The Guardian 20 October 2009 The plight of Palestinian activist Mohammad Othman has dominated the agendas of NGOs in the region ever since his detention in late September. However, while his case is at the forefront of ...

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